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Thrill Seeker Jet Flight 20 min

Ever dreamed of being a fighter pilot? Ever wanted to soar past the clouds at 720km/h and experience the forces of aerial combat? The ultimate thrill in civilian aviation is here! It’s the SIAI Marchetti S-211 Advanced Fighter Trainer!

Description: Get strapped into this 2000kg aircraft and hear the unmistakeable sound of the jet turbine wind up until the full 2,500 pounds of thrust are developed. Then, feel yourself being pushed back into your seat as you accelerate down the runway and leap into the sky. Once airborne, you’ll have entered another world! You’ll notice how smooth this aircraft is as you climb out at 4,200ft per minute and watch the earth start to look like an intricate model.

Once at height, it’s GAME ON! Your tamed jet pilot will put the aircraft through its paces and you can experience up to 6G’s while going through max rate turns, loops, ballistic rolls and other Basic Fighter Manouvers (BFM) if you’re game! You can also feel what its like to be completely weightless as the pilot can perform a pushover on request.

The views are simply breathtaking and unique to this area. Take in the beautiful coastline which you can see wind around from Cape Jervis, through Victor Harbour and then on from the Murray Mouth and down the Coorong. From this height so can see the Mount Lofty Ranges (all of it) and on clear days you can see past the City and even Gawler!  If aerobatics are not your thing, a scenic flight is available where you can take it all in and just enjoy the scenery.

Flight time: Min 20 minutes in the air guaranteed. Extra time available.

Experience includes: All flights commence with a thorough briefing where your pilot goes through the manoeuvres being performed and safety items relating to the flight. Next you will be fitted up in a flight suit and helmet with the option for a G-suit (which helps the body withstand high G-loading). After this, you will be looking like a real ‘Top Gun’!

There will then be opportunities to have photographs taken with the aircraft before the flight, upon request. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and because of this there is the option to have a video of the event, professionally edited by our team so you can show your friends and always have the memory.

Time taken: Allow 1.5 hours.


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