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Adelaide Adrenaline Thrill Package 30 min Gift Voucher

An adrenaline Junkie’s Dream!

Description: Enjoy the power of the CJ 6 A Fighter as you fly at low level along the coast then up to 4000 feet into clear airspace north-west of the Adelaide coast. Your highly experienced aerobatic pilot will then take you through a series of aerobatic manoeuvres. These include: wing over, barrel roll, aileron roll, stall turn, slow roll. You will pull 4G!  then move onto some more advanced aerobatics such as Cuban 8 & Immelmans. These will make your hair stand up!

This package also includes a stunning personalised video of your flight, edited to music and presented on USB.

Flight time: Minimum 30 minutes in the air guaranteed.

Experience includes: A safety brief, introduction and overview of the aircraft and a personalised video of your flight, edited to music and presented on USB.

Time Taken: Allow 1 hour

Flight Date and Flight Time are optional. If you wish for the recipient to be able to choose their own date and time, please leave these fields blank.


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